Since moving to Perth, I’ve tried very hard to learn the lingo and immerse myself in all things Perthian.  For example,

Sunday session ✔️

Quokka Selfie ✔️

Drunken night at Hippy club ✔️

Getting caught by a speed camera ✔️

Ending a sentence with “yeah…nah” ✔️

One thing I had yet to experience was a weekend trip down south. Well, the time finally came. The crew was picked and prepped and we were off to our weekend getaway house down south in Dunsborough.  Perthians use the term “down south” to describe the Margaret River region about three hours south of Perth City. I have even heard it referred to as “Dowth”, a combination of the words Down and South, in true Australian fashion of shortening everything.  The Margaret River region is best known for wineries and surfing, not a bad combo if you ask me. Since, my surfing skills are what one could say…lacking, I went for the other option….wine!

The weather was forecasted to be stormy and rainy but that didn’t stop us from embarking on our tour. There are many companies who offer wine tours and in my opinion an organized tour is the way to go. You won’t have to worry about choosing where to go or pull straws over who has to be the designated driver.  My group decided to use the company Margie’s Big Day Out. Their tour was not just wineries but also included breweries, chocolate and cheese. Obviously a good choice, but we mostly chose them because we had a voucher that gave us a discount of 25% off and who doesn’t love saving money. This girl sure does.

We were picked up at 11:00 am, directly from the house we were staying at, and off we went. First stop was a winery by the name of Windance. It is family run and owned by Rose and Drew. Rose doesn’t skimp on the quantity of the tastings either. A healthy portion of about nine different tastings and we were sipping and swirling like pros.  Our second stop was lunch at Bootleg brewery for a carb loaded session of assorted cheeses, crackers, spiced meats and a massive bowl of fries aka chips… Oh and of course, several pitchers of local brew and cider. Next up on the list was a quick stop at Margaret River Chocolate Company. They offer samples of white, milk and dark chocolate FO FREE!!!! When left unmonitored things can get nuts! Chocolate ends up on the floor, children can get elbowed and there are cutters. Yes, the lowest form of human who think they don’t need to wait in the que like everyone else, aka me and my friends.  So get your game face on, grab a napkin and fill that sucker up to capacity. Get in and get out before you get hurt. People do not mess around with chocolate in “Douth.” If you feel the surge of  liquid confidence from the wine and beer, get in line again, I dare you. For those more passive consumers you can enjoy watching the chocolate being mixed and made through a window into the factory towards the back. After chocolate, we hit up two more wineries, Fermoy and Evans & Tate, when things started to get a little hazy. I was brought back to life at the Margaret River Dairy for some tastings of cheese and a must try onion jam that was uber delish. Last but certainly not least, we ended our tour at another micro brewery called The Beer Farm. It was an actual working dairy farm that they transformed into a microbrewery. Really eclectic and a great last stop to hangout and bare the storm before heading back home.



Traveling isn’t always going somewhere over the rainbow on a big jet plane to a foreign place unknown and adventure doesn’t always need to have danger attached to it. Sometimes traveling and adventure can be as simple as a three hour drive south of Perth with a solid crew, stormy weather and lots and lots of wine.

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