Welcome friends, strangers, travelers, wanderers, gypsies, geeks, adventures, the restless and the dreamers. Welcome everyone! My name is Elise and I, just like many of you, fall into several of these categories if not all of them.  I grew up in SoCal suburbia, pinning maps on my walls and making lists upon lists of places I dreamed of going. I went on to study Travel & Tourism at Cal State Long Beach and traveled to Belize for a study abroad program. After college, I landed a job working in Professional Surfing where I fell in love with the lifestyle this select group of people were living. Each day I saw them jumping on a flight and heading to the most incredible places and bringing back the most incredible stories and getting paid!  That’s what I wanted. Next thing I knew I was quiting my job and moving to Australia where I lived for a year taking advantage of every opportunity I could. Weekend trips to Sydney, driving down the Great Ocean Road and finally making it to Bali with a surprise trip to Thailand, I was living the dream. When my visa ran out, I felt like I was back at square one. I ended up applying for a job to combine my love for travel as well as fulfilling the need to sustain a life. I landed THE dream job. I spent half of my year leading cross country road trips around North America as a trip leader and the other half, in my off season, exploring. Three months here, one month there, 6 months on the road and forever dreaming of what’s coming next. I’ve spent most of my early 20s exploring. Exploring places, lifestyles, friendships, relationships and life in general. Currently, I’m back in Australia, Perth specifically, exploring more than just the land but a new loving relationship and I’m excited to see what’s next.

This blog is a running collection of all I’ve learned along the way.  It’s a place to share, not just travel tutorials and destination information, but stories and memories. I want to inspire others to do the same. To take advantage of the most valuable and rewarding education of travel. It doesn’t have to be to the edges of the earth and  you don’t need a bursting bank account, just the desire for adventure because its all around us. Hairlip adventure was born from that desire.