When was the last time you had “me time?” Turned off your phone, the lights, all distractions. Can’t remember? Neither could I. So I decided to float. If you’re unframiliar with the term, I’m not talking about in your bathtub, pool, or anything blow up related. What I’m referring to is a trend in the health and wellness scene in which you are put into an isolation pod, alone, no distractions and you quite simply… float.

Just like you, I had a million questions. What the what…floating? What are you floating in? What are the benefits? Are you naked? What if I have to pee? Why would you even do this? Well wonder no more my friends because I did it and yes I had to pee and nudity was involved. I booked a reservation with Beyond Rest in Joondalup, however they have locations all across Australia, and I was beyond ready…(see what I did there?)


Walking in, you get your standard spa vibe with some Zen music, lighting and water features. I was greeted and given the run down by Ben, and taken straight into the “pod room.” The pod room is a stunning circular room equipped with shower (used both pre and post float), standard toiletries, earplugs, towels and of course THE POD. The pod reminds me of what I would image we froze Walt Disney in and is filled with a saline solution, which is insanely buoyant. You definitely do not want to get this in your eyes or mouth. Don’t worry, they provide you with a spray bottle in case you are as curious as me and want to test out how buoyant the water is.


After stripping down, showering and entering the pod, my 60 min session began. You can choose to close the lid and be completely enclosed in darkness or leave the door open, for those of you worried about claustrophobia. I chose to close mine, as I’m a grown ass woman. Soothing music and ambient light eases you into the experience and an experience it is. Something about floating mixed with silence puts you into a state of mediation, if you will. I can hear the skeptics calling BS but I’m being 100 percent honest in saying that I totally get the hype. When was the last time you turned off every distraction, from phones, TV to lights and sounds in general, just to let yourself think? I couldn’t remember the last time I did this and I’m sure, those of you reading can’t either. The feeling of floating mixed with isolation is a perfect combination for ultimate relaxation. You don’t have to worry about drowning. If you fall asleep as I said before you are floating and the water is insanely buoyant. What seemed like 15 min later and the return of the ambient music signalled my time had come to an end. They have a chill out zone so you don’t feel rushed, which I highly recommend. It has big comfy couches, beautiful lights, and hot tea. If you’re lucky, maybe Ben will come and tell you about Henry the hermit crab.

I’m fully jumping on the bandwagon with both feet here and saying everyone should give it a try. I’m giving it my stamp of approval and cannot wait to do another one. If you have any questions or comments feel free to check out www.beyondrest.com.au or leave a comment below! Happy floating.


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