In my perpetual quest for adventure (and genuine need for a visa) I’ve spent the last 6 weeks enrolled in a design course. It’s tested me in more ways than I thought would be possible. I wouldn’t consider myself an artist in the sense of being particularly gifted at painting or drawing. I have however, always been a doodler.

mandala4 defines the verb “doodle” as

a way to draw or scrible idly or to waste time in an aimless foolish activity.

This makes sense as I’ve never put much thought into my doodles as they were merely a way to keep from fidgeting in order to focus. Throughout the course of this design class my doodling was brought to new life and instead of doodling to focus, I was focusing on doodling. In doing so, I started to noticed a pattern amongst the scribbles I gravitate towards creating. They tend to start at a point then move outwards in a circular and repetitive fashion, otherwise known as Mandalas.


I’ve seen them before, tattooed on yogi hipsters and found frequently in those adult coloring books targeted towards the non-creative creatives but never thought to find out more…until now.


There are thousands of webpages dedicated to the subject of mandalas and I’m merely scratching the surface in simply stating that a mandala is a sacred geometric figure that represents the universe. THE UNIVERSE!!!  An ancient symbol that has been present in many religions such as Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and most commonly Budhism. This is what I’ve been doodling? a representation of the universe?  I found it interesting that in a period negative consciousness, the mandala was what my subconscious reverted to scribbling. Carl Jung, the famous swiss Psychoanalysit, talks about mendalas in relation to our own personal consciousness. Jung recognized, that the urge to make mandalas emerges during moments of intense personal growth. Their appearance indicates that a profound re-balancing process is underway in the psyche. The result of the process is a more complex and better integrated personality!


I found this incredible. All of those years doodling on everything from napkins, to notebooks and the back of receipts was not merely a way to scrible idly or to waste time,  but also an indication of rebalancement and focus on intention.

Just thought I would share what I learned today and now here is a picture of me running through a flower field because why the hell not.

Mini road trip adventures to enjoy the little bit of sunshine this stormy September has brought. #York #perthisok #readyforsummer #canolafields #flowerfields #hairflip

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