Travel Stories: The Bacon Battle

I’m just going to get right into it and explain this photo. Last week, while I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Bali-Indonesia, I chipped my tooth on a super crispy piece of bacon. How I wish there was a better story to the reason why I ended up looking like Lloyd Christmas from Dumb & Dumber, but sadly this is the truth. Now, I am no stranger to this look as the original tooth chipping incident happened involving my third grade self, a metal railing, a pair of rollerblades and the lack of knowledge of heal breaks. It’s been dentally bonded ever since with a trip to my local dentist every 3-5 years when it wears down and falls out or is forced out by a basketball to the face, in which I’ve experienced both. This has been the case until now. What is one to do when,

A. YOU chip your tooth on a piece of bacon

B. AND find yourself thousands of miles away from your dentist

C. IN a third world country with the possibility of questionable hygiene standards and medical practices?

This was the question I asked myself. Well come to find out, I was actually in luck. Due to the huge amounts of expats settling and visiting, as well as frequent wipeouts in the surf and on motorbikes, getting dental work done in Bali is just as easy as ordering Nasi Goreng. One could say it’s better to get it done in Bali, than to get it done in, lets say, Australia or the US as prices can be a fraction of the cost and the quality is just as good. So after a bit of research, a lucky cancelation, 50 bucks and an hour later my tooth was fixed. Thank you so much to the team over at ARC Dental Clinic in Kuta. You saved my smile and I will make sure to avoid crispy bacon and taking basketballs to the face in the future.


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